MFA Photography- School Visual Arts, NY                                                                                          1993

BFA Photography- Pratt Institute, NY                                                                                                    1990


Willie Nash was born and raised in New York and moved to London in 2007.

Since the age of  14  when he first took up photography he has been  influenced by the arts including  theatre, sculpture, film, and painting.

Taking an interest in all aspects of human history,  he finds all cultures, ancient and modern,  to have a great amount to contribute to his scrapbook of ideas. He manipulates and layers these concepts to create his own “epics”. He considers them u-chronistic relics of a utopian theatre performing a bleakly comedic “nature show”.  These are narratives that explore patterns in human culture: the political, the technological, the environmental, or the psycho-sexual.

Though his work is often presented as photography,  Willie considers the theatrical as well as the sculptural elements to be equally as tantamount in the final artwork.


Email: willienashphoto@gmail.com
Mobile: +44 7882 104291
Address: 66 Norlington Road, London, E10 6LA