The current piece I am working on is my most ambitious, elaborate and time consuming project to date. Visually inspired by the sculpted stone reliefs that adorn many gothic cathedrals and depict various biblical scenes, my own version is done with monochrome photography. The narrative is a metaphorical story of man.

Starting off as simple creatures, Man and other animals have to choose a path to set off on. The path Man sets off on is not an entirely pleasant one: greed, self-entitlement, slavery, genocide, obsession with technology, and self-obsession are some of the themes I touch on. Some of my images are modelled on historical pictures. Between the 9 images there is text written in a narrators voice that tell “tales” from the animal kingdom that may seem cruel but in actuality are for practical reasons (ie: In this next scene, we see the mother Cormorant push the smallest of her chicks off the edge of the cliff, for she realises there is scarcely food for two).

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